We are proud to present our latest touch screen project, 72-bian. Due to solve the tourist languages difference, we develop a screen-touch installation, offering tourists a golden opportunity to explore Chinese society structure. For more info, visit our  72-bian case study page.  

[sharing] Interaction on Printing – Pappeltalks

PAPPELTALKS from Hubero Kororo The first set of 5 CDs is published in „rozcuchán“ edition. The design of the cover also reflects this motif. Like when you are listening to this piece of music for the first time being still untouched by the unique experience of Ivan Palacky´s peculiar performance, also the album cover makes you feel like that. […]

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    Founded by Kismet Kwong, futuretenselab is now based in two intoxicating mix of eastern and western cities, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Connecting people and culture. Creating emotional bonds and experiences that make people feel and reflect. We practice technology as a creative discipline, turning ideas into reality, just like Interactive installation.
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