Desire meets digital marketing

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Successful advertisements don’t sell products but encourage a desire for products which is much easier to convince consumer to buy. Truly effective marketing campaign will not only fill this desire, but they will actually create the desire in your mind. Different people will obviously have different motivations so creating desire can require some planning and research.

In our digital world, marketers are much easier to come close to their target group through their desire. People allow to achieve their nature of human on internet, such like greedy, lazy, vanity, lust.

Some platform to get your target group

- groupon ( hope for save money)

- foursquare (vanity of LBS)

- twitter / facebook (peer)

When creating the “desire”, try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.If possible, do research and interviews with customers and understanding what they are recently using in computer. You may find out some great insights which would able to delivery a truly new way of advertising.


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