Not only iphone and samsung, we are now having more choices

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Fairphone, a new phone is not selling its new function, but tells us about the ethical story of “social value first”. Beside selling the product itself, it is an interesting point to create the attitude of conflict-free. Fairphone is addressed environmental and humanitarian concerns surrounding the production of technology products, therefore, they promise good working conditions in its factory, conflict-free material and responsible approach to e-waste.

Like KickstarterFairphone Netherlands team try to get 5,000 pre-order to kick start production. The risk-free business model is more popular since the launch of Kickstarter, it maybe scary, but it is amazingly effective in rallying people and encouraging high quality innovative ideas. The new business model aroused my curiosity. How can we know the founder is trustful? How can customers ensure their product quality even there are no real item is finished?


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