Not only iphone and samsung, we are now having more choices

Fairphone, a new phone is not selling its new function, but tells us about the ethical story of “social value first”. Beside selling the product itself, it is an interesting point to create the attitude of conflict-free. Fairphone is addressed environmental and humanitarian concerns surrounding the production of technology products, therefore, they promise good working conditions in its factory, conflict-free […]

Desire meets digital marketing

Successful advertisements don’t sell products but encourage a desire for products which is much easier to convince consumer to buy. Truly effective marketing campaign will not only fill this desire, but they will actually create the desire in your mind. Different people will obviously have different motivations so creating desire can require some planning and research. In our digital world, marketers are […]

  • futuretenselab ?

    Founded by Kismet Kwong, futuretenselab is now based in two intoxicating mix of eastern and western cities, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Connecting people and culture. Creating emotional bonds and experiences that make people feel and reflect. We practice technology as a creative discipline, turning ideas into reality, just like Interactive installation.
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