HKDA Global Design Awards 2013

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Review: The Monocle Guide to Better Living

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Launched in 2007, London’s Monocle came right when the world was getting rough. It arrived at a time when the economy had seen better days yet emerged with a spotlight on quality, craftsmanship, education, knowhow, international affairs, business, and culture. All elements that succeed past any economical speed bump. For their first ever book, The The Monocle Guide to Better Living, the editorial team looks at their core theme – quality of life.

Love this 400-page book features original photography and illustrations printed on a selection of the highest quality papers with the goal of making the world a little more liveable and loveable.

The Monocle Guide to Better Living is the ultimate reference for inspirational ways to improve your life.


futuretenselab Hong Kong studio open

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New studio settled down in Jordon, Kowloon, Hong Kong, which is a crown and historic district in HK.

photos11 photos4 photos7


Not only iphone and samsung, we are now having more choices

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Fairphone, a new phone is not selling its new function, but tells us about the ethical story of “social value first”. Beside selling the product itself, it is an interesting point to create the attitude of conflict-free. Fairphone is addressed environmental and humanitarian concerns surrounding the production of technology products, therefore, they promise good working conditions in its factory, conflict-free material and responsible approach to e-waste.

Like KickstarterFairphone Netherlands team try to get 5,000 pre-order to kick start production. The risk-free business model is more popular since the launch of Kickstarter, it maybe scary, but it is amazingly effective in rallying people and encouraging high quality innovative ideas. The new business model aroused my curiosity. How can we know the founder is trustful? How can customers ensure their product quality even there are no real item is finished?

new work Land God HK @ MOBILE MUSEUM by Fabrica in Hong Kong

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From the 7 to the 26 of February the MOBILE MUSEUM by Fabrica will be at the Ilivetomorrow gallery in Hong Kong. The MOBILE MUSEUM, by Fabrica designers Dean Brown and Philip Bone, is a travelling museum with contents contributed by people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Unlike a conventional museum, the collection is always changing and evolving depending on its location, with the location itself dictating the theme. The curatorial theme of the Hong Kong’s stage is “Authentic”. Authentic speaks about the idea of what is genuine and what is not – particularly relevant to Hong Kong as a place that shares aspects of European and Chinese Culture – a place caught between different values. Authenticity touches everything from food, to production to song writing – something intangible but very real to the maker or the observer. Authentic is also tradition and custom.

about Land God HK:



15 object x 15 lifestyle

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50′s French nude magazine, asking for more

02. ipod (PRODUCT) RED
only pure music

03. Craft Design Technology ™ Memo Pad Case

still my best LOMO

05.Seadull 4a
real portrait

06. Book – Bright: Architectural
no more night time

07. futuretenselab name card
It occurs during human communication and influence on each other

08. VANS バンズ
thousand miles

shooting life

10. Yoshida & Company Porter coins bag
tidy up my life

11. name card case
turning digital into real touch with people

12. travel note
from draft, schedule, visual dairy, travel tickets, message for help, restaurant receipt

13. Star Wars Dark Vader voice changer
when someone phone me….

14. g-shock
Shock with digital and analog

15. LEGO® Sort and Store with Baseplate
learn to sort the little things before building something large

16. MARK magazine
thousands of fairy tale

Desire meets digital marketing

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Successful advertisements don’t sell products but encourage a desire for products which is much easier to convince consumer to buy. Truly effective marketing campaign will not only fill this desire, but they will actually create the desire in your mind. Different people will obviously have different motivations so creating desire can require some planning and research.

In our digital world, marketers are much easier to come close to their target group through their desire. People allow to achieve their nature of human on internet, such like greedy, lazy, vanity, lust.

Some platform to get your target group

- groupon ( hope for save money)

- foursquare (vanity of LBS)

- twitter / facebook (peer)

When creating the “desire”, try to put yourself in the shoes of your customer.If possible, do research and interviews with customers and understanding what they are recently using in computer. You may find out some great insights which would able to delivery a truly new way of advertising.

The best 100 digital agencies in the world

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Art-spire has made a list about some excellent digital agency in the world which including lots and lots of my favorite.


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We are proud to present our latest touch screen project, 72-bian. Due to solve the tourist languages difference, we develop a screen-touch installation, offering tourists a golden opportunity to explore Chinese society structure.

For more info, visit our  72-bian case study page.


[sharing] Installation in Shop – Nike Flagship Store HARAJUKU

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A Chandelier-Like Installtion Made of Appox. 500 nike shoes in New Nike Flagship store, opened at Nov, 2009 by WonderWall

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