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72 bian - installation connecting travellers to local

72-bian is a project offering tourist in china a new angle to discover, understand the human culture and society structure, which no more limitation by tourist language difference.

The original phase of “72-bian” comes from a classical Chinese epic novel “Journey to West”, Monkey King (Chinese called: Sun Wukong) knows 72 transformations (Chinese known as: bian), which allows him to transform into various animals and objects depending on different situation.

With 1.33 billion people, China today remains the world’s most populous country and people try hard to adapt themselves to the complex society.

In Shanghai Observation deck, 72-bian touch screen, through selecting their life preference and habits, offering tourists a golden opportunity to explore their possible Chinese ID. Participants may receive a totem chop which represents their own 72-bian.

72-bian logo 72-bian photo 72-bian photo 72-bian select gender interface 72-bian daily life interface 72-bian social life interface 72-bian result interface

Participant receives a totem chop which belongs to their 72-bian

72-bian chop

Sample of 72-bian

72-bian illustration sample
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the New Insider

The New Insider is a daily life, experimental, interactive art project for couples. Each of them put on a piece of LED on their neck, which place closely to their heart. In the same time, they also need a hand band for tracking pulse and connect to their iPhone. As a result, anytime, anywhere,couples can check the other’s heartbeat and able to know their emotion or what they are doing.

The New Insider offers another choice to lovers who are going to get marry or married,another choice besides ring. The social taboo, religious constrictions you have placed around love, which even working without analyze and evaluate, have made it virtually impossible for you to enjoy your being. We believe the best andmost beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Therefore, we do experience experiment.

the New Insider the New Insider the product
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Food Orgasm

As Asia's most cosmopolitan city, Hong Kong boasts around 13,910 restaurants serving a wide range of world cuisines. From the increasing world-wide exchanges of national and cultural resources, people in Hong Kong is demanding higher quality of food in order to enjoy great "oral pleasure".

Hong Kong people love "decoction" to treat the tired body, "meals" for recreation relax, "Afternoon tea" for business talk, "dinner for meeting friends, dining table become an important place for Hong Kong people spending their fragmented time after their office hour. Featured in countless types of ingredients, cooking techniques and delicious dishes on the table, you must be able to achieve your "food orgasm."

We use ordinary meal dish replacing gramophone record as an entertaining tableware. The trailer made reader can transform pattern to audio poem and discovery your best orgasm.

food orgasm food orgasm food orgasm food orgasm
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time machine

We Love To Play More, therefore, we bulid time machine to make our experiments do it once, and do it right!

Time machine is a project status and task reminder hub, connecting a television in our lab and personal mobile phones, which showing and organizing overview project status. TV let us know everybody and project status. Mobile APP allow us to create, modify and synchronize our meeting time once together. No matter where you are, our APP task notification provides friendly reminders.

time machine title time machine phone time machine tv
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interactive installation exhibited in City University in Hong Kong June 2008

Hong Kong old propaganda graphic design is unforgettable. For every Hong Kong people, it is not only our mass remembrance, but also recorded over time changes. From Florida Water of the “Two Girls Brand”, movie posters, I saw Hong Kong’s enthusiasm. Every thing become sentient and speaks to me. In front of cinema, every hand draw advertising poster has own flesh and blood, lively, because every piece is difference from the others. At that time, no matter on the material, visual elements, graphic design was full of Hong Kong unique style. In the design history, Hong Kong owns it only unique style in 40’ s-50.

I do not understand why I deeply interested in old propaganda graphic design and try to ask why. Therefore, in the beginning, I did research for that period’s graphics and analyze it’s visual, especially common graphic’s criterion. Starting from this mystery, I am going to extrapolate step by step for search inspiration for this project. Digital revolution influences Arts. It allow design without thinking. Words to William Morris, to reply Willian Morris, who thought that most of products in Industraial Revolution definite as kitsch, however, what would be the result after digital revolution? Nowadays, new media are widely used by commercial promotion or other communication ways. Is it all of them need new media? Are new media expressing a better content? Why do we use new media, because of better attraction?

When audience walks through the distance sensor, old Hong Kong graphics style projection changes according to distance. On a simple graphic, it also includes timeline and motion.

setup pixinsighting pixinsighting
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Since Online media become the most important social communication platform in Hong Kong, no matter it brings convenience to our life, somehow users reduce their real life social activities. In use of neon light, which famous in make up Hong Kong as a magical world that never ends in every night, publish post new topic or comment "let's have a coffee" through mobile facebook, to explore the virtal and reality communication between the non-face to face relationship.

Refracts is a custom-made neon light illustrates a popular Hong Kong words, "let's have a coffee". Refract is a flash mob mission, located in popular restaurant or bar district, reminding people to connect with friends. When passerby connects virtual friends in facebook by leaving related words like "let's have a coffee" and tag friends, it lights up the custom-made neon light.

refract logo refract refract






Human-Centered Invention

The design process is based upon the fundamental belief that gaining a deep understanding of the need and aspiration of potential customers. From the data collection, evaluation, analysis, we identify pattern and opportunities for concept development in order to serve and support people by uncovering latent needs, behaviours and desires. 


Innovation Strategy 

Help you unlock valuable opportunities, by generating new ideas with innovative to better suit your customers' needs. From collecting market insights, and apply them to opportunities that can achieve market impact from latest technology. Strategy, creative, technology teams work closely to understand the working process and aligned with clients' objective.


Product / Service Consulting

We believe that the corporate attention is moving from the “why” to “how” of addressing big product/service sustainability challenges. Besides planning on producing a new product or service, we can also help strengthen and streamline your business processes, and help you understand any weakness that may exist within your supply chain.


futuretenselab Hong Kong studio open

OCTOBER 17, 2013
New studio settled down in Jordon, Kowloon, Hong Kong, which is a
crown and historic district in HK.

MAY 31, 2013 Not only iphone and samsung, we are now having more choices
FEBRUARY 7, 2013 new work Land God HK @ MOBILE MUSEUM by Fabrica in Hong Kong
DECEMBER 6, 2012 15 object x 15 lifestyle